TJ +Jill: Autumn Wedding

Thursday, January 19


Autumn weddings are so beautiful, and yet there is never enough of them! So naturally of course when TJ & Jill mentioned they were getting married in October, I was pretty excited to hear that!

When the Groom reaches out to you to hire you for their wedding day, it’s pretty good indication as to how he takes care of his¬†Bride. I hadn’t met TJ and Jill prior to our initial meeting, and when I did, it was pretty cool to watch how TJ cared for Jill. He genuinely showed interest in wanting to make sure that the details were¬†looked after, and that she was as well.

I thoroughly enjoy watching couples interact with each other, as that is where you get to see their personality and character. Although these two were a quiet pair (at least around me), they were a smiley pair. Jill has this endearing smile that lights up a room! (…as you will see from the photos.) I did manage to see more snippets of their personality shine through on their wedding day, which was like getting to know a little bit more of them as the day progressed.

TJ & Jill were surrounded by a good group of people. Everyone involved were so helpful, which allowed them to really enjoy their day. The following are just a few of my favourite photos taken by Judith Voth Photography.

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