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Jordon + Renee: A Garden Wedding

Friday, December 16

  Jordon & Renee’s garden wedding was a show stopper! From the clear canvas tent to the array of flowers, it had all the ingredients for a stunning wedding; one sure to be talked about long after their wedding day. When hired for the “Month of Coordination”, not all decor details may be known until the month prior, and sometimes... READ MORE

David + Rebecca: A Magical Wedding

Tuesday, December 13

It was just short a year of planning with David and Rebecca, and any meeting that included their son Jaxon was always a treat! I could have spent hours immersed in adult conversation with this little guy! When you have a year to plan, it allows one to play with concepts and ideas, and to really get to the core... READ MORE

Brodie + Charissa: Industrial Chic Celebration

Thursday, October 20

  Wedding celebrations following a destination wedding is always fun. There is less pressure on the couple, allowing them to really take it all in and enjoy the day. Brodie and Charissa got married in Arizona and decided to have a local celebration with their family and friends. Their primary focus was ensuring their guests were taken care of and having a... READ MORE

James + Bailey: Foliage Wedding

Thursday, October 13

  Bailey’s Mom contacted me asking if I could coordinate James & Bailey’s wedding. For some reason when the mother contacts me, it is extra special. Mom’s deserve to enjoy this day as well, and it’s so great when they take the initiative to ensure that they will. This family is something else. They have this unique bond between them... READ MORE

Chris + Lucie: Wedding Laughter

Monday, October 19

  Having a couple entrust you to plan their wedding while they reside in a different province is an honor. One would think that would be difficult, but with organization, great communication, and technology, it can be a seamless planning experience for everyone. I had never met Chris & Lucie until the day before their wedding. And it wasn’t until... READ MORE

Roblyn + Shannon: Country Wedding

Friday, October 16

  Planning and coordinating Roblyn and Shannon’s wedding was quite enjoyable, as they were so easy-going and laid back.  I looked forward to our coffee dates; the times that Roblyn could join us was an extra treat, as the bantering between the two of them was most comical. (Still missing those coffee dates!) Details were very important to Shannon, and for Roblyn... READ MORE

Mike + Amanda: Motocross Wedding

Monday, September 28

  It is so great when both the bride and groom are part of the wedding planning process, rather than just the bride. Our coffee dates may have been a bit painful at times for Mike, but he was a trooper and attended them all! Anyone that knows Mike & Amanda know that motocross is an important part of their lives, and... READ MORE

Dustin + Jade: A Wedding Party

Sunday, September 27

  If you asked any of Dustin & Jade’s guest as to how they would describe their wedding, most likely many would sum it up with words like  ‘it was an awesome party!’  They had all their close family and friends there ready to truly celebrate their marriage with them.  The wedding took place at the beautiful venue, Hawthorn Estates.  They had an... READ MORE

Ken + Viktoriya: An Intimate Wedding

Tuesday, September 22

  This intimate wedding will always remain one of my favorites. The Groom was involved every step of the way, and that is very rare. The focus was on the guests being taken care of, so decisions always came back to how it would impact the guests. Ken and Viktoriya are such a cute couple. I thoroughly enjoyed all of... READ MORE

Jared + Stacy: Love & Laughter

Monday, January 19

  Jared & Stacy’s wedding was an embracement of fun and laughter, and that is exactly what they wanted. Their light-hearted approach in the planning of their wedding made them a great couple to work with. It was a perfect summer day for a wedding! Their outdoor ceremony had fine elements such as a string quartet, and a bagpiper that... READ MORE