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TJ & Jill’s Autumn Wedding

Thursday, January 19

  Autumn weddings are so beautiful, and yet there is never enough of them! So naturally of course when TJ & Jill mentioned they were getting married in October, I was pretty excited to hear that! When the Groom reaches out to you to hire you for their wedding day, it’s pretty good indication as to how he takes care... READ MORE

Guillaume & Beverly’s Fall Wedding

Thursday, January 12

  Beverly originally hired me for the Month-Of Coordination Package, but life just got so busy for her, that she decided to have me resume the wedding planning. Beverly and I met for our regular coffee dates to chat about the details, but interestingly enough, I never met Guillaume until rehearsal day! It truly is amazing how you can go... READ MORE

Jenia & Vanessa’s Fairy Tale Wedding

Wednesday, December 21

  Jenia and Vanessa’s wedding was a fairy tale taken out of a book. You can catch a glimpse of their story just by looking through the gorgeous portrait photos taken by Esther Funk Photography. One of the things that stuck out for me was Vanessa’s Grandfather. He travelled out from Germany, and didn’t speak any english. However, his demeanor... READ MORE

Jordon & Renee’s Garden Wedding

Friday, December 16

  Jordon & Renee’s garden wedding was a show stopper! From the clear canvas tent to the array of flowers, it had all the ingredients for a stunning wedding; one sure to be talked about long after their wedding day. When hired for the “Month of Coordination”, not all decor details may be known until the month prior, and sometimes... READ MORE

David & Rebecca’s Magical Wedding

Tuesday, December 13

  It was just short a year of planning with David and Rebecca, and any meeting that included their son Jaxon was always a treat! I could have spent hours immersed in adult conversation with this little guy! When you have a year to plan, it allows one to play with concepts and ideas, and to really get to the... READ MORE

Brodie & Charissa’s Industrial Chic Celebration

Thursday, October 20

  Wedding celebrations following a destination wedding is always fun. There is less pressure on the couple, allowing them to really take it all in and enjoy the day. Brodie and Charissa got married in Arizona and decided to have a local celebration with their family and friends. Their primary focus was ensuring their guests were taken care of and having a... READ MORE

James & Bailey’s Foliage Wedding

Thursday, October 13

  It was Bailey’s Mom that contacted me asking if I could coordinate James & Bailey’s wedding. For some reason when the mother contacts me, it is extra special. Mom’s deserve to enjoy this day as well, and it’s so great when they take the initiative to ensure that they will. This family is something else. They have this unique... READ MORE

A Fun & Magical Wedding

Monday, October 19

Having a couple entrust you to plan their wedding while they reside in a different province is an honor. One would think that would be difficult, but with organization, great communication and technology, it can be a seamless planning experience for the everyone. I never met Chris & Lucie until the day before their wedding, and it wasn’t until their... READ MORE

Wedding Dripping With Elegance

Monday, October 19

  Summer tent weddings are always fun and when combining it with elegance, you know it’s going to be a beautiful occasion. Like all weddings, the details and theme of a wedding should reflect the couple, and that it did for Colby and Cassie – black and white with elegance and no details spared. Given that Cassie is a graphic... READ MORE

Details in the Decor

Friday, October 16

Planning and coordinating Roblyn and Shannon’s wedding was quite enjoyable, as they were so easy-going and laid back.  I looked forward to our coffee dates; the times that Roblyn could join us was an extra treat, as the bantering between the two of them was most comical. (Still missing those coffee dates!) Details were very important to Shannon, and for Roblyn it... READ MORE