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Gifts for the Groomsmen in Your Wedding

Monday, May 1

Groomsmen Gift Ideas Giving a gift to your groomsmen is a great way to say thank you for everything they have done. Depending on the number of guys in your wedding party (groomsmen, dads, ring bearer), the costs can add up quickly. Although there is no required amount you should spend, I find the average to be around $50 for... READ MORE

Month Of Wedding Coordination Services

Thursday, April 27

Month-of Wedding Coordination Package Inclusions Your wedding plans are in place and you are now waiting for the day to arrive. But wait…are all your plans in place? Wedding checklists are helpful, but it is all too common where there are still some remaining details that need to be sorted out that the couple is unaware of. As a Wedding Coordinator, I... READ MORE

The Secret To Wedding Styling: 10 Tips That Will Fit Your Budget

Friday, April 7

The Head Table Is Where It’s At I previously wrote a blog on Getting The Wow Factor Out Of Your Budget.  In it I referred to 3 wedding elements to help determine what is most important to you as a couple getting married  – food, entertainment and decor. If decor is what you gravitate to, then today’s post will help you... READ MORE

The Wedding Budget: Getting Started

Wednesday, March 29

All too often couples are not fully aware of what a wedding costs until after their wedding day, and then the reality sets in. Finding out your expenses after your wedding is not a good plan; unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard! (..and if you do, please tell me where I can get one!) Money is the... READ MORE

Getting The Wow Factor Out Of Your Wedding Budget

Monday, March 27

Whether your wedding budget is large or small, the ultimate goal is to get the most bank for your buck. But how exactly does one do this? Many go with the spread the love approach, where you spend a little here and a little there with the hopes it will provide a lasting impression. Today I am going to challenge... READ MORE

After The Wedding: 6 Options Of What To Do With Your Wedding Gown

Thursday, February 9

Your Wedding Gown After The Wedding For many brides, the decision of what to do with the wedding gown is usually determined after the wedding. Ideally it is best to make that decision before your wedding day, as timing is important when it comes to preserving it. Common thought processes brides have about their wedding gown: “How much money do I want... READ MORE

Suit Rentals: What You Should Know Before You Rent

Wednesday, February 8

Getting Started Guys are often laid back and think they have ample time to shop for suits, not realizing that they should place their suit rental order at least 3 months prior to the wedding day. Before renting, it may be good to compare suit rental to the cost of purchasing a suit. Every man needs a good suit; unlike a... READ MORE

What You Should Know About Wedding Dress Contracts and Fittings

Monday, February 6

Congratulations! You found the dress you love and are ready to make your purchase. But before you sign your wedding dress contract, you should familiarize yourself with the important contract details. Failing to do so could lead to miscommunication or errors – which could cost you more money or great disappointment. Wedding Dress Contracts 1. Read the Contract. Read ALL the information, including the ‘fine... READ MORE

Wedding Gowns: Customs & Colors

Thursday, February 2

The Origin of the ‘White’ Wedding Gown Before the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, royals married in a silver dress. Queen Victoria liked the fact that a white wedding gown symbolized purity and chastity. The color white became popular and thus became the new trend, which still carries into today.  Although white has been a popular color for decades,... READ MORE

The Wedding Dress That Compliments All Of Your Beauty

Wednesday, February 1

Bridal Gown Features and Body Types They Compliment Unless you are one of those lucky ones that looks great in every dress you try on, knowing which wedding gown or dress that compliments your features, while framing your body, can be a bit overwhelming. So, how do you know what to look for? The following is a list of bridal gown... READ MORE