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7 Tips To Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower

Thursday, March 23

Tasty treats, oversized balloons with florals, pops of color, baby decor; all combined in the great outdoors, I’d say that makes for the perfect baby shower! If hosting a traditional baby shower makes you cringe, the following 7 tips will help you host a baby shower you and your guests will love!   7 Tips To Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower!   1.... READ MORE

Entertaining: 5 Elements for Creating an Alluring Ambiance

Friday, February 3

I wish I could say my favourite part of entertaining is making a mouth-watering meal, but the kitchen and I, we are friends and not lovers. I thoroughly enjoy a good meal, but spending hours in the kitchen to whip up a tasty meal, it’s just not my thing. Now ambiance and I, we are definitely lovers; my heart palpitates... READ MORE

How To Host An Engagement Party

Sunday, April 10

Engagements are very exciting, not only for the couple, but for family and friends; it’s a special event worth celebrating! If hosting an engagement party is a new thing for you, here are some tips to help you out. TIPS FOR HOSTING AN ENGAGEMENT PARTY The Host. Traditionally, it has been the bride’s parents that host (and pay) the engagement party.... READ MORE

Planning a Wedding Social Fundraiser

Saturday, February 28

DID YOU KNOW… Manitoba is the only province that has Wedding Socials.  Ontario does have something similar, which they call Stag and Doe or Buck and Doe.  Ideally, socials should be organized by the wedding party, but typically it is the bride and groom and their families that end up doing all the planning.  The goal is to raise money through... READ MORE