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Gratitude Makes the World a Better Place

Wednesday, March 22

Blogging on a regular basis is a commitment that is very time consuming (at least for me it is!). Trying to find a topic people will want to read while making it authentically you…it’s no easy task. Throw life into the mix, then having an hour or two or three to blog about something becomes seemingly impossible. But, that’s life!... READ MORE

Finding Value In Him

Monday, January 9

A TIME OF REFLECTION Over the course of years, and more so last year, I have been struggling with some heavy questions. Who am I? Am I enough? Do I have significance? Do I have value? What is my purpose? Am I successful? What is my self-worth? I know, heavy questions right!? (Perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis! Apparently woman experience... READ MORE

Facing Infertility

Monday, May 2

Every day is another page added to our story, and for all 7.4 billion of us, our stories are different. I believe that our individual stories are a reflection of the decisions we make, and how we respond to life itself. We don’t have control over everything that happens in our lives, but we can control how we respond to... READ MORE

New Years Eve Charity Gala

Saturday, December 12

It’s been four months of planning and the New Years Eve Charity Gala is fast approaching. There have been so many individuals and businesses that have contributed to this event, and it is exciting to finally see things come together.  Individual tickets can be purchased for $75, in which case they will seat themselves on a first come basis. Another great... READ MORE

It’s A New Season

Tuesday, September 22

By the date of my last blog, I guess I would have to say that it has been a crazy summer! I launched my business in January and was so blessed to have had the privilege to work with the most amazing couples this past summer.  My summer weddings were not only local, but they took me to Winnipeg Beach,... READ MORE

The Inception

Saturday, January 17

The Journey It is exactly a year ago when I was planning a couple trips for family & friends and it dawned on me how much I REALLY enjoy planning and organizing events. I have always known that I enjoyed it, and always imagined how great it would be to be a professional planner, but that is where it stayed…simply... READ MORE