Suit Rentals: What You Should Know Before You Rent

Wednesday, February 8

Suit Rentals: What You Should Know

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Getting Started

Guys are often laid back and think they have ample time to shop for suits, not realizing that they should place their suit rental order at least 3 months prior to the wedding day.

Before renting, it may be good to compare suit rental to the cost of purchasing a suit. Every man needs a good suit; unlike a wedding gown, there is a pretty good chance that you will have the opportunity to wear that suit at a future event. For a personal and customized experience, check out EPH Apparel; they offer 10% discount off wedding groups of 4 or more.

If you have decided to move forward with renting suits, you should inform yourself with some of the basics before placing your order.

Find Your Style

Browse online the different styles, colors and features to help make your selection, while keeping in mind the style of your wedding. The following are two most common styles you will need to select from.

  • MODERN FIT: One of the more popular fits, this style provides a polished look with slimming features; “flattering any man’s physique” according to EPH Apparel.
  • CLASSIC FIT: A little more room for comfort and mobility with wider cuts, providing a timeless style.

When you are ready to shop, select a store you can feel confident in. Do they carry styles that reflect current trends or are they still stuck in time? Bringing photos along is a great way to communicate your vision to the sales consultant. If they don’t have what you are looking for, move on.


  • MEASUREMENTS. Once you have selected your style and are ready to place your order, the sales consultant will take your measurements. Your groomsmen are not required to go in at the same time; they may schedule an appointment that is convenient to them to have their measurements taken. If they don’t live nearby, have them go to the same store brand to have their measurements taken, which can then be sent to your store. If they don’t have access to the same store, have them get their measurements taken by a professional tailor.
  • COMMUNICATE. Make sure everyone knows your vision – your groomsmen and your sales consultant. The last thing you want are suits that don’t reflect this style. Consider your groomsmen’s physiques and what would look best on everyone. You don’t want suits that are too bulky in the shoulders, shirts with sleeves that aren’t the right length or pants that are much too tight. You should feel very confident in your sales consultant to direct you through the decision making process.
  • ACCESSORIES. You will be asked if you want to rent any accessories such as a tie, cufflinks, vest, cummerbund, pocket square, tie clip, belt or shoes. To save on costs, consider purchasing some of these items if you think you will be using them in the future. Remember, you don’t have to wear all these items; select your favorites.


You should ask as many questions as you can to prevent frustrations, miscommunications and added expenses.

  • For those outside of the standard fit, does one have to settle on size or how custom can they tailor the suits?
  • Can the suits get shipped to you and your groomsmen?
  • How far in advance to the suits arrive?
  • What arrangements can be made for fittings when they arrive?
  • What are their policies regarding late returns, cleaning fees, damage, etc.?
  • Is there room to deal with concerns or issues once they arrive?
  • How are issues resolved?
  • Is there a discount that can be extended for group bookings? Are there coupons out there that you can get your hands on?
  • What is the quality of the suits; how often they have been worn?

The Contract

Once you feel comfortable with the order, you will need to sign a contract. A formalwear contract should specify the following:

  • Date of the function.
  • Date and time the formalwear can be picked up.
  • A list of which accessories are to be included with each suit or tuxedo rental. 
  • Policy on late returns, cleaning fees, replacement, etc.
  • Date and time rentals are due back.


  • DELIVERY. Give yourself some breathing room by getting your suit ahead of time; not the day before when there is no room to deal with issues.
  • QUALITY CONTROL. Make sure you check for quality, accuracy of sizes and accessory inclusions before your wedding day, leaving room to contact the store for any concerns. The last thing you want is to find out the morning of your wedding that there is a stain or a missing item. It has happened!
  • RETURNS. Return your suits before the deadline provided; missing this deadline could cost you late fees. But before you drop off the suits, double check all pant and jacket pockets. Items have been found!
Suit Rentals: What You Should Know

Photo by Judith Voth Photography

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

You are most likely getting closer to your wedding day and details are all falling into place. But let’s not forget the details that follow the day of your wedding. You, nor your family, should be working on your wedding day. Take the stress, thinking and work out of your wedding day by hiring a Wedding Coordinator.

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