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It is so great when couples are part of the wedding planning process, rather than just the bride. Our coffee dates may have been a bit painful at times for Mike, but he was a trooper and attended them all! Anyone that knows Mike & Amanda know that motocross is an important part of their lives, and therefore would expect to see it integrated into their wedding plans somehow.  I knew that the wedding plans would be unique in many ways, and got the sense that Mike wanted to be true to himself and have a ‘show’ that would be remembered.  As the plans were underway, I occasionally found myself asking Mike to promise me that Amanda would remain the ‘star’ of the show; however, I will admit that the thought of Mike+wedding+bikes made me nervous.

The wedding ceremony was to take place on the beach late Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning came along and I’m sure there were many prayers going out that morning in hopes that the sun would prevail; by mid-afternoon we were all set-up and ready for a beautiful wedding!  There were a few unknowns, had to ‘wing-it’ in some ways, but this wedding truly was a show-stopper! Usually guests rise for the bride, but guests were out of their seats as soon as the groomsmen arrived. This wedding was like no other, and it perfectly reflected this couple! I am sure everyone would say the same.

The reception took place at the legion. The Mother’s and Amanda worked very hard at creating many of the decorations for the ceremony and reception. It is amazing how a room can be transformed, the hall was so beautiful! But nothing was as beautiful as the love that filled the room that night for Mike & Amanda. These two have had an amazing journey, individually and together, and yet have always shown so much love towards others. This day was for these two, and surrounding them were their biggest fans that were so happy to celebrate it with them!


Mike & Amanda, you both are amazing individuals, and the two of you together are a force to be reckoned with!  May God’s love be a constant light in your lives as you walk together on this journey of yours. Wishing you so much love, health and happiness!!

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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“Amazing simply amazing! As the bride I’m so impressed with Sharon Webb. I didn’t have to worry about a thing because I knew it was handled. Honestly nothing short of perfection. Every detail done and no stone unturned made my i mean our wedding a complete success! Thank you Sharon I would have marked you more but I can’t!” ~ Amanda

“Don’t waste your time looking around… Hands down Sharon Webb Events is the BEST period. I mean feel free to shop and compare but TRUST me you will ALWAYS come back to Sharon. That is of course assuming you want nothing but the best and a hands down, stress free kick ass event!! ” ~ Mike