Sharon with Bride & Groom Sharon with Bride & Groom

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Jared & Stacy’s wedding was an embracement of fun and laughter, and that is exactly what they wanted. Their light-hearted approach in the planning of their wedding made them a great couple to work with.

It was a perfect summer day for a wedding! Their outdoor ceremony had fine elements such as a string quartet, and a bagpiper that brought a personal touch. Although the on-site reception was beautifully decorated, the wedding couple and bridal party stole the show – gorgeous! Like every wedding, there will always be a few unplanned surprises, but nothing took away the relaxed atmosphere they had that day. However, the ‘best’ unplanned surprise was when Jared surprised Stacy with their ‘first dance’ song. It was a pre-recorded song of him singing; melted everyone’s heart!! This day was truly enjoyed by everyone, and so much love surrounded the couple that day!


Thank you Jared & Stacy for allowing me to be part of your special day. You are such a sweet couple, and it was an absolute pleasure working with both of you! May the love, joy and laughter you both bring into your marriage last a lifetime!

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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“While I was planning my wedding I knew about the flowers, the dress, the tables and all of that. What I did not realize was all the organization that it takes to ensure that the whole day goes smoothly.

Looking back, the day goes by so fast and the last thing that the bride needs is to be worried about what everybody else is doing. I also wanted my wedding party and family to be able to enjoy themselves and not be running around organizing things.

Sharon joined our wedding planning only a month or so before the actual wedding. Even with this short amount of time Sharon came in and took everything off of my plate. She started by asking what I want my day to look like as well as everybody’s name and phone number in the wedding party. She then made a schedule for the day and gave it to everyone at the rehearsal. Sharon told everyone if they have questions or concerns to go to her and not overwhelm me on my wedding day. She picked up my flowers and made sure that everyone knew where they needed to be and was the middle man between the venue and myself. She was incredibly organized and friendly and made it her goal to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that it was enjoyable for everyone.

Again, looking back I did not realize all of the little things that would have to be done. When unexpected things came up Sharon problem solved with the venue and fixed the problems without stressing me out. Sharon was so professional and I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without the help of Sharon. Not only am I incredibly grateful for all that Sharon did coming up to the wedding and on the wedding day, but guests and family members were also asking who she was and saying that they would also recommend her in the future.”

~ Jared + Stacy