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Guy and Beverly’s fingers were crossed for a ‘no rain day’, hoping that their September wedding could take place outside….and their wish came true!

Their vows were exchanged at a picturesque park known as the Morden Research Station. It was an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! (…although we could have gone without the mosquitos!)

Their reception was a celebration filled with lots of laughter, stories and dancing. (…and great food!)  I must add that their kissing game was a hit; I sure did enjoy the singing and the dancing that took place. The couple, the wedding party and guests were so relaxed; everyone was having a great time.  It’s the perfect recipe for every wedding!


Thank you Guy & Beverly for inviting me into your lives and to help you plan your special day. I really enjoyed coffee dates with you Beverly, and I miss seeing that sweet smile of yours! You were so chill through the whole process, which made it all the more enjoyable.  Wishing you guys all the best as you continue to do life together, and may you always remain best of friends.  ~ Sharon

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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“I want to start off by saying Sharon is amazing! When we got married our lives were very busy, and planning was very difficult. Sharon not only made it possible for everything to happen but she also made my dream a reality! It was the most perfect day with the most perfect people and none of it would have been possible without her! It was hard to go from talking to someone every day to not communicating very often anymore but I’m so happy I made an amazing friend. Thank you Sharon for everything that you did for us!”

– Beverly & Guillaume