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Sharon Webb

Pure elegance was the theme for Colby & Cassie’s outdoor summer wedding, and details were not spared.  The wedding was at a family farm, with the ceremony to take place under a chandelier hanging from a tree next to a beautiful pond. Guests would be greeted by a pathway of lights strung across, with accents of lanterns, candles and white petals. Cassie’s talent in graphic design was evident in all the details.  Contemporary signs were made with the help of her parents, which were placed throughout property; I am still in love with the ‘C & C’ marquee letters handcrafted by her father. We sought out the largest tent in the area to create all the different spaces in the tent. With the help of Amy at Party On Rentals, the tent looked fabulous! It had white linen draped throughout, including the sides, ends and ceiling with mini lights draped in between. The chandeliers that hung over the white tiled dance floor added a stunning element to the decor. Tables and chairs were draped with black linen, which tied everything together. The tent included a lounge seating, a chic photo lounge that turned into a slo-mo booth, bar and cocktail area and of course the tasty dessert bar with a beautiful wedding cake display.  I could go on listing all the details that contributed to making this an elegant wedding, but we would be here for awhile.  The vision was there, the details were complete…and then came the wedding day! One can go through so much work in the planning for the ‘perfect’ wedding, but for an outdoor wedding you simply cannot predict or control the weather.  It was probably the biggest storm of the summer that hit us that day, but Colby & Cassie truly weathered the storm like no other! The sunshine was brought out through their attitude.  Nothing was going to stop them from enjoying their day, and because of this outlook and determination, they truly did enjoy it!  Fortunately, they were blessed to have had beautiful weather in between the storms for their photoshoot, which has given them some of the most beautiful photos.


Colby and Cassie, thank you so much for entrusting me with your special day. You two are so amazing, and the love you have for each other is so evident in the way you look at each other; you truly were made for each other! I wish you a future with sunny skies, and when they’re not, I know the two of you will weather any storm.

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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“From beginning to end, the wedding process was a breeze thanks to Sharon. Without her, I’m convinced we would have scrapped all of our wedding plans and had a quick ceremony in Vegas. But thanks to her, all my wedding dreams came true.

Every single detail was planned out and taken care of. Things I didn’t even know that needed to be done! Nothing fell through the cracks. She scoured my Pinterest inspiration board to understand my taste and completely absorbed all my thoughts and ideas. She is beyond organized and most importantly keep your budget in check!

The weather didn’t turn out as we had hoped but that happened to be Sharon’s time to shine. When the rain started falling on our outdoor ceremony she already had a backup plan. I sat inside while she arranged a BEAUTIFUL indoor ceremony set up – again, no worries. I could have NEVER done this without her. Sharon’s mantra is that a bride is not supposed to worry about the details on her wedding day, and I can guarantee that with Sharon’s help, she won’t.

Thank you so much Sharon, there’s not a chance we could have done this without you.”

~ Cassie & Colby