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Brides anticipate their wedding day only to have it pass by much too quickly. We wanted to stop time and capture the beauty that is often overlooked due to all the other wedding details that surround this special day.

This timeless bridal boudoir is not only a gift to the husband-to-be, but a gift to the bride herself. It’s a celebration of oneself – past, present, future. It’s letting go of the of the pursuit of perfection and finding freedom in connecting, loving and accepting oneself as being enough.

Photographer, Esther Funk Photography, was able to capture the essence of elegance, sophistication and beauty of our model, including all the fine details our creative team infused into this shoot.

We had a minimalistic approach to our styling with a focus on white, greens and soft hues; leaving room for natural beauty and details to stand out. Aspire Studios, which is located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, served as the perfect backdrop for this shoot.

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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Editorial: Romantic Bridal Boudoir

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