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There is no better way to ring in the new year than celebrating it with family and friends. That is why hosting their wedding social on New Years Eve was the ideal combination for Carl & Jayna.

They hosted their party at the local modern venue, Winkler Arts & Culture Centre, which served as the perfect backdrop for this event.

A customized countdown, party favors and a full dance floor – there was no better way to ring in the new year for all of their guests! (…and some lucky guests even walked away with some great prizes!) Carl and Jayna couldn’t have asked for a better night.


Thank you Carl & Jayna for asking me to plan your wedding social. Your chilled approach made planning with you guys a breeze. I hope you both enjoyed your night and I look forward to continuing on with your wedding plans! ~ Sharon

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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“I have no idea what I would’ve done without Sharon! She had absolutely everything planned out, which was such a huge relief and made it all so much easier. Sharon came up with the best ideas that I never would’ve thought of, such as using a website to sell social tickets on or using Square (a credit card reader) for credit card transactions. She kept in mind of our budget too and made sure both of those didn’t cost us any money! I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone wanting to throw an amazing event!!”

~ Jayna F.