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The New Years Eve Gala was a great way to celebrate with friends & family in style and with a purpose. It took five months of hard work, determination, patience and faith, but it all paid off.

Together, with all those that contributed and attended, we raised $6328!!

A big thank you goes out to Enbridge, Cross Country, Helium (previously known as Pixels) and Barnes & Duncan for believing in Sharon Webb Event’s vision in order to invest in it. Without their sponsorship, this event would not have been possible!


The idea of having a gala came about through conversation with girlfriends, discussing how great it would be to have a new years eve gala where we would have a reason to get dressed up. But that’s where it stayed, an idea. Then in January 2015, Sharon Webb Events launched, and the idea resurfaced. If there was going to be any time to host an event like that, why not now.  I may have been a bit over ambitious to host it the same year the business was launched, following a busy wedding season, but that’s kind of how I do things. I guess you could say it’s that ‘can-do’ attitude in me…or as my husband, family and friends would say, the ‘crazy’ in me!

The seed for the gala had been planted, and now it was a matter of planning all the details. Since I felt the nudge to pursue fundraising, it was important to have this gala tied to a local charity. Not much time was needed in deciding which charity to select.

The dream to have a home built across Boundary Trails Hospital for families caring for a loved one, to go to for rest and rejuvenation is one that will be of great benefit to many. KATIE CARE’S has been working hard at making KATIE’S COTTAGE a reality, and I wanted to contribute.  Having personally used the Ronald McDonald House in Winnipeg with a family member, I know first hand how great of a service this home will be to others. Also having cared for a family member in palliative care at the Boundary Trails Hospital, I know that Katie’s Cottage will also be a home away from home for those traveling. 

A lot of expenses go into planning an event like this, so there is a fine balance between hosting a great event for guests, while still having the the ability to raise money for charity. For any event to raise money, one needs the support of sponsors, contributors and volunteers.

My goal was to get enough sponsors to cover the costs of the event, allowing all sales to go directly to charity. Although I didn’t get enough sponsors to cover ALL the expenses, I was very blessed to have received the sponsors I had. Thanks goes out to the friends and family that connected me with these sponsors; without them this event would not have been as successful.


Like any event, it’s all in the details! The vision was to ‘wow’ guests with a classy and enjoyable event; an event where guests would leave feeling happy they attended. 

For the guests that arrived early, there were delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails to enjoy while mingling with others.  Melanie Schwarz played the cello for our background music through cocktail hour and dinner. Dinner started promptly thanks to our wonderful emcee, Robyn Wiebe.  I am so grateful for her willingness to give up her new years eve for this gala. Robyn did an outstanding job, and I can’t think of anyone else that would have been more perfect! Thank you Robyn!!

Guests enjoyed a delicious plated dinner catered by Access Event Centre, starting with Butternut Squash Soup, followed by Beef Wellington (Chicken Basil Cream Sauce for those that requested in advance), garlic mashed potatoes (thanks to Kroeker Farms for donating these potatoes), fresh carrots and asparagus.

After dinner Lindsay Rae and Nolan Dueck performed their song, “Love Like Katie.” Given that this song was written by Lindsay Rae to raise funds for the charity, it only seemed fitting to have her perform it that night; thank you Lindsay Rae & Nolan! Another great contribution that night was Dynacare’s $5000 cheque presentation to Katie’s Cottage. We are so honoured that they chose this event to present their donation.  Guests then gained more insight on Katie Care’s and Katie’s Cottage through a brief presentation and slide show by Katie’s mom, Ruth Reimer.  This was a great opportunity for all of us at the event to learn more about this charity, and the benefit that these proceeds would bring to Katie’s Cottage.

Ending the formal part of the evening was the fabulous show, “The Wonderist” by Chris Funk. Unfortunately I missed quite a bit of it, but from what I did see and hear, he did leave people wondering!  The interaction Chris had with guests, and the willingness of some of the guests to participate in the show was great to see.

We kicked the night off, and shoes, with the dance by MK Sound. At this time guests also enjoyed the delicious desserts, cocktails and coffee bar, and for some lucky guests, their winnings from the silent auction. The countdown to midnight was projected on the screen, and guests were invited to purchase their champagne and select their party favours. As midnight was fast approaching you could feel the energy rise. The room was full of excitement, laughter…and sounds of party favours. This is when my heart smiled; feeling the joy in the room all of a sudden made it all worthwhile!


Many elements were incorporated in order to gain that ‘wow’ factor. The following are just some of the highlights.

Print & Marketing – I honestly cannot thank Sherri, Cassie & Jayna at Helium (previously known as Pixels) enough for all that they contributed. They picked up my vision and ran with it, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The dedication these ladies had in making this gala look great through print and digital is unreal! Sherri, thank you for being that extra moral support and sound barrier when it was needed. You were such a blessing these past five months. 

Red Carpet Photo Booth – What is a gala without a red carpet experience!  I am so thankful for Steve Hiebert Photography for his willingness to dedicate his time in taking the beautiful photos at the Red Carpet and throughout the night. Of course, it wouldn’t be what it was without that beautiful red carpet. Another great business that jumped on board quickly when finding out it was for charity was Flooring & More. Thank you Abe for donating the red carpet, and for the time you spent putting it together; it was perfect!

“Happy New Year” Marquee Sign – One of my favourite decor highlights was the marquee sign. This sign literally lit up the room and brought everything together! When I had asked Tony Goertzen if he would be willing to help me make this sign, being the man that he is, he jumped on board without hesitation. The cherry on top is when he said Vantage Construction Products & Equipment would take care of the expense. Tony invested a lot of time and hard work into making this sign, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Trevor Brown of Tailored Cabinets is the man that printed these letters, and we are thankful for his contribution.  

“2016” Ice Sculpture – It took a bit of time but I managed to find the one and only ice sculptor in Manitoba, John Wade. John did a great job creating the sculpture for this event. His genuine interest in wanting this event to be a success was so greatly appreciated!

Dessert Bar – What is an event without a delicious spread of desserts! Thank you so much Lisa & Vern of Morden Coffee Culture, for donating all your tasty goodies for everyone to enjoy.  Your passion (including Ina’s) in providing a delicious and beautiful dessert bar, and your support for this event, was amazing! Thank you so much!!

Mixologist – Steve Hiebert introduced me to Garrett Vanwinkle, and I am so glad he did! Garrett was another one of those individuals that had a genuine interest in making this event a success. Garrett is exceptionally talented, and one of the ways he showcases his artistry is through his cocktails. He created the drink menu for the cocktail bar, and personally made the syrups that were used. The time and dedication he offered to this event is more than I could have asked. Thank you Garrett!

Coffee Bar – Offering non-alcoholic beverages was important, and that is when the idea of having a coffee bar came to mind. Thank you to the ladies of Whitecap that sacrificed their New Year’s Eve to work at the gala. I am sure there were many guests that enjoyed their warm specialty coffee that night!

Silent Auction – A great way to raise funds is through a silent auction. Thanks to many local businesses, we were able to have quite a spread of prizes available that night!

Sound, Lighting & Music – Thank you MK Sound for always going that extra mile in all you do!

Decor – Party on Rentals and the staff at Access Event Centre did an amazing job at helping make the vision come to life!




Also, a big thanks to…

Family & Friends – Friends, Tina and Brenda, and my husband Sean, were the backbone throughout the planning of this event. This was the biggest event I had planned, and their encouragement and faith kept me going on days I wasn’t quite sure what I was up against. I am also thankful for all the hands that helped with the set-up and clean-up.

Most importantly…God. My motto through the planning of this event was ‘do it in fear!’ There was so much vulnerability in planning an event like this, and it required me to amp up my faith. There were many sleepless nights, doubts, worries, fears and unknowns. I just kept praying that doors would open and that His blessing would be upon this event. Without Him, it simply would not have happened; I owe it all to Him!

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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We would again like to thank you for a wonderful evening.. You did an outstanding job of making this evening, classy, fun!!  Katie Cares and our family our honoured that you selected our charity.  Our table had so much fun, thank you for presenting Katie Cares with so much class, and grace.  We wish you much success in any further events that you set up.

Best wishes,

Randy and Ruth



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