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Manitoba and Ontario are the only two provinces in Canada that have wedding fundraisers. Manitoba calls them ‘Wedding Socials’, while Ontario is known for their ‘Stag & Doe’ or ‘Buck & Doe’.  The goal is for the bride and groom to raise money to help pay for their wedding. This may be a huge faux pas to those that are not from these provinces, simple because…why should family and friends help pay for the bride & grooms wedding!  Whatever the opinion, wedding socials have proven to provide the couple a great start in paying their wedding expenses, while giving family and friends a reason to get out, have some fun with the potential of going home with an awesome prize!

The amount of support Mike & Amanda had from family, friends and businesses was very evident by the number of prizes that were donated to their event, and by the attendance they had at their social. There were 36 prizes that were raffled off, with 7 of these being grand prizes including a barbecue, lawn mower, 2 watches, dirt bike gear and speedway tickets. It truly was a jam-packed night filled with people and laughter!


Thank You Mike and Amanda for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I hope it was a night enjoyed by both of you. Now let the wedding planning begin!

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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“Sharon is an amazing event planner. She was not only budget conscious she also has awesome ideas too. She helped us with little tedious tasks and huge ones! Decorations were stellar and she did it all with a huge smile! Thank you Sharon for making the party a hit!!”

~ Mike & Amanda