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Sharon Webb

Baby gender reveal parties are officially at the top of the list of the most fun events to plan! What a fabulous celebration to host; as it just adds to the excitement for everyone, and now personalizes the pregnancy that much more.

Colby and Cassie decided to have a ‘winter wonderland’ theme for their celebration given the time of year, with a hot chocolate bar and home made gingerbread cookies. Colby and Cassie went to Babymoon Ultrasound the day before and had their results sealed in an envelope, as they wanted it to be a surprise for them as well. The following day, my husband Sean and I had the honour of opening the envelope in private to find out the baby’s gender. We then stuffed an oversized black balloon with the correct color of confetti and blew it up with helium. The funny thing was that we ended up putting way too much confetti in the balloon, as we wanted to make sure there was lot’s of confetti in it for a greater effect, making the balloon too heavy to float. We then just hung the balloon from the ceiling, which was still perfect. The balloon was thick enough to prevent the confetti from being seen, making it a great way to do the reveal!

As family and friends arrived, they all had to guess the baby’s gender by selecting a pink or blue ribbon and pinning it to their shirt. Once Colby’s dad was connected on facetime (got to love technology) to partake in this event, the countdown began.

3-2-1….IT’S A GIRL!

After the initial screaming the tears began; what an emotional and joyful moment this was for everyone! I love how we were able to capture it on video (clip of it in their portfolio), as it is one of those moments you can go back to and relive again and never tire of it.


Colby & Cassie, thank you for entrusting us with the results and allowing us to be part of this surprise with you; it will be a memory we will cherish forever! Not only will your little girl be lucky to have you as her parents,  she will be surrounded by so much love…and sitters! Wish you a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby girl!

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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