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The hopeless romantic side of me jumped at the opportunity when Kayla of RHYME AND RHYTHM asked if I wanted to be part of this proposal. Of course, late that afternoon we had to have one of our manitoba storm’s come through, which left me having to bail after we had the lights strung. However, the odds were in their favor and the storm passed as quickly as it came, allowing Kayla and Brodie just enough time to finish up with the rest of the ambiance.

Brad had been planning for this proposal for awhile, and lovely Kara made it quite difficult in trying to pull this off as a surprise. (Sneaky girl!) Some girls are just harder to surprise than others; my husband could vouch for that! Surprise or not, this proposal encompassed nothing buy romance, love and beauty.

The best thing is that while this proposal was happening, Kayla and Brodie were in the background capturing it all, leaving Brad & Kara with photos they can cherish for a lifetime. They were also able to take engagement photos following the proposal, and it couldn’t have been more perfect with the sun setting!

Congratulations Brad & Kara!!

Thank you to all the talent that brought this event together…

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