Gifts for the Groomsmen in Your Wedding

Monday, May 1

groomsmen gift idea

Photo by Steph Schulz Photography

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Giving a gift to your groomsmen is a great way to say thank you for everything they have done. Depending on the number of guys in your wedding party (groomsmen, dads, ring bearer), the costs can add up quickly. Although there is no required amount you should spend, I find the average to be around $50 for the groomsmen and a bit less for the dad’s and ring bearer.

Remember, the gift should be personal and practical – otherwise it will just get stored in a drawer or closet, never to be seen again.

Some questions to ask yourself: What do the guys use on a regular basis?  What do they have that could be replaced with something better?  The gifts don’t all have to be the same, so feel free to personalize it to the individual while keeping the price point the same throughout.

The following is a list of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. These products are all Canadian (except for the last one) and are within the $50 price point or less (some may be a tad bit over).

Men’s Wallet



What guy can’t use this good quality customized leather wallet by Anise Leather.

Pocket Knife




Which guy doesn’t need a knife! Go with a customized pocket knife by LoveandLuxeHandmade.


Customized army knife by LoveandLuxeHandmade.



signy rose steel knife

For those manly guys – custom & stock blades combined with hand-crafted handles by Signy Rose Steel.

Wallet Strap



For the fashionable guys – handcrafted leather wallet strap for a key fob, key chain or wallet chain by Anise Leather.

Leather Belt



Customized leather belt by Anise Leather is something every guy can appreciate.

Travel Bag



Another practical necessity for all guys is a good toiletry bag customized by Luuee. There are many great options and styles on Etsy Canada.

Leather Bookmark



This leather bookmark by Anise Leather is a perfect gift for the guys that love reading.

Men’s Socks



How great are these! Personalized socks by JulesandJoyGifts. They may not think they need them, but they do!




Customized hand wood burned hammer by FireArtbyKatrin for that handyman.

Leather Passport Cover and Luggage Tags



For the travellers in your party – leather passport holder and luggage tags from BigBoscoCanada.




For the guys you know would appreciate a good flask, BrandIron offers a handmade leather embossed flask that offers nothing but style.

Bottle Opener



A wall mounted bottle opener on rustic wood by GrubbyGuitars is great for any home, garage, cottage, shed or man cave.




Heavy duty flashlight by LaserArtist – cause every guy needs a flashlight…or two.

Travel Mug and Water Bottle


il_570xN.1187354366_crgg il_570xN.1206814083_920p

Used by many on a daily basis, a travel mug or water bottle by LaserArtists may be the perfect fit.




Another practical gift is a customized cooler by LoveandLuxeHandmade. Which guy doesn’t need a cooler?


Combat cooler by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. (Provider is in U.S.)


As you can see there are several options out there. Keep in mind, you don’t have to purchase an engraved gift. Should you find a great gift idea at a local specialty shop or store, but still want it personalized, you can always take it to a shop or kiosk for engraving. At the end of the day, you want the gift to be functional for the guys, something they will appreciate.

Happy Shopping!