Entertaining: 5 Elements for Creating an Alluring Ambiance

Friday, February 3

Entertaining: 5 Elements For Alluring Ambiance

Photo by Esther Funk Photography

I wish I could say my favourite part of entertaining is making a mouth-watering meal, but the kitchen and I, we are friends and not lovers. I thoroughly enjoy a good meal, but spending hours in the kitchen to whip up a tasty meal, it’s just not my thing. Now ambiance and I, we are definitely lovers; my heart palpitates every time I thinking about creating an intimate dinner party or large event. Creating an atmosphere that enable guests to feel as though they have been transported from their regular surroundings into one that stimulates their senses, while forgetting about time, that is my playground!

So what makes the perfect ambiance?

5 Elements for Creating an Alluring Ambiance


1. Music

Always start with music! Select a good playlist that will compliment the event. Playing it as you start creating your setting will inspire you to bring your vision to life. Spotify – Music for Everyone is my personal favourite.

2. Tablescaping

This is the part you can have a lot of fun with. Tablescaping is essentially transferring your vision and mood into a design on your tabletop. First, determine the style of your event. Modern, traditional, themed, seasonal – whatever the style, transfer it into elements on your table. You can do this through color and texture using linens, napkins, dinnerware and accessories. Play with the details; don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You can also personalize your table with guest names and personalized gifts. For more tips, read Gina Diamonds 6 Essential Elements of Tablescape Design.

3. Flowers and Greens

Showcase a beautiful arrangement or simplistic element of greens. This will bring that added texture and color to your table. For an arrangement, be creative with the vase; consider color, pattern and dimension. Instead of a tall arrangement, go with a cascading design or table garland. Think beyond just the centre of the table; incorporate flowers or greens onto your place settings. On a budget? Check out Real Simple – 5 Beautiful, Do-It-Yourself Flower Arrangement Ideas.

4. Candles

Now that we have a beautiful tablescape, let’s add some candles. Going with sleek tapered candles in some stunning holders can tie everything together. They may provide that pop of color or height your table may be needing. For some beautiful inspiration, check out Martha Stuart – 66 Candle Centrepieces That Will Light Up Your Reception.

5. Lighting

Now it’s time to dim that lighting. The majority of my lights have dimmers on them. If you don’t have dimmer switches in the areas you entertain, it’s time to invest in some, as they are an entertainment essential. If your event is outside or at a venue, you can transform your space with some beautiful chandeliers or chic bistro lights. There are some great ideas featured on Minimalist – Awesome Outdoor Entertainment Lighting Ideas and Festive Garden Decor.

You are now set to create that ambiance your guests will be talking about. Before your guests arrive, take some photos and share them with us! We all love getting inspired by beautiful photos.

If ambiance isn’t your love, you’ve come to the right place! SWE would love to create the perfect setting for your event; together we can dream up something beautiful!! Let’s Chat!