7 Tips To Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower

Thursday, March 23

Baby Shower

Photo by Esther Funk Photography

Tasty treats, oversized balloons with florals, pops of color, baby decor; all combined in the great outdoors, I’d say that makes for the perfect baby shower!

If hosting a traditional baby shower makes you cringe, the following 7 tips will help you host a baby shower you and your guests will love!


7 Tips To Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower!


1. CREATE AMBIANCE. Go with the ‘less is more’ approach by adding a nice bouquet of flowers for the new Mom to take them home afterwards. Oversized balloons give that wow factor; adding a little bit of greenery to them gives that extra touch! Personalize the decor with one or two pieces of baby decor that Mom can use later. The options are endless, so go on and give chic it up!

2. PROVIDE EYE CANDY FOOD AND DRINKS. Who doesn’t love pretty food and eating it too! Showcase your tasty treats with beautiful platters (different tiers add some dimension); add fruits, or freeze punch with fruit in ice cubes to add to the punch. Get out that fancy glassware you have been waiting to use for that perfect moment; add some pretty straws and accessories.  Skip all the desserts and get one beautiful tasty customized cake made by a local baker.

3. MAKE IT RELAXING. If you’re like me, showers bring out the cringe factor. I don’t know, I just never loved showers. They are always so awkward, especially when the shower games come out! (Do I hear an amen!?) How about getting away from the traditional shower formalities and make it about mingling and enjoying good food…and fighting over who gets to hold the baby! Mom can open gifts as guests arrive, or whenever she feels like it, and guests can enjoy the food. This makes it more relaxing for everyone!

4. CONSIDER DATE AND TIME. Think about your guests when choosing the date and time. We all cherish our weekends and evenings, especially in summer! Consider hosting it at the beginning of the weekend or even a weeknight if you don’t have too many out of town guests on the list. Come and Go Showers are always great! It allows guests to make an appearance and not committed to stay for a set duration.

Another great option is Saturday brunch; host a come and go from 11-1. Who wouldn’t love waffles, yogurt, fruit and mimosa’s?  (I’m getting hungry and thirsty just thinking about this!) This frees up the rest of the day for everyone. Having an event in the middle of the afternoon makes it difficult for anyone to do anything else.

5. HOST A GIFT CARD SHOWER. Mom’s often get duplicate gifts, or clothing that her baby won’t be able to wear in the correct season due to size, or dare I say…a gift that isn’t her baby’s style! (Come on now, we all have different tastes!) Hosting a Gift Card Shower makes it easy for everyone. Guests don’t have to fret over what to get, and Mom can buy what the baby really needs…and wants. Perfect combo for everyone!

Baby Shower

Photo by Esther Funk Photography | Balloons and Florals by Bloom Petals & Gifts

6. HAVE FUN! If shower’s aren’t your thing, call it a celebration. It’s amazing how changing the name of the event can put some of us at ease (at least for me it does!). So don’t sweat the small stuff, have fun with it!

7. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER. Yes, we all know how to take photos, but let’s think quality here. I don’t know about you, but my photos would never look as good as a professional photographers. This is a momentous occasion, so why not have some photos you can frame on your wall. This is a great opportunity for you to take some special photos before the shower of the baby, mother-daughter and any other photos you have been dying to get.

That’s it. It’s that simple!


If hosting isn’t your thing, consider hiring SWE for planning, invitations, design and styling and/or set-up. Whatever it is that you don’t enjoy doing, SWE can take the stress out of it!

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